The story

The path to creating the ultimate serum for skincare started a long time ago. I grew up in Finland, in a small town called Kalimenkylä, near Oulu, in the center of the forest. Even when I was just a young boy, I was fascinated with the Lavender contained by the hand cream my mother used, why Chamomile tea has a calming effect and why oranges smell like the sun, even on the darkest days.

Growing up in nature, I always realized that we, as humankind, are only a small part of nature and we will never understand the immense power of mother nature or the potential of natural products. Nevertheless, it was only during my teenage years that I saw the relation between this power and ultimate skincare.

My journey to a healthy skin started when I was dealing with acne. No matter what product I tried, there wasn’t a single brand that cleared my skin and delivered their promises. In fact, often these products dried out my skin and left it chapped. My pores were clogged, and I always looked exhausted.

After a doing a fair amount of research online, I discovered the ‘like dissolves like’ principal. This principal supports that a substance likes to dissolve in a substance of the same polarity. My skin was greasy and oil-like, which meant I needed to find something with a similar base. This caused me to experiment with natural oils and to my surprise, it worked incredibly well. My acne disappeared and the oils nourished my skin back to a healthy and clear state.

These positive results made me hopeful, and I started doing more research. Inspired by the natural skincare my mother used, I combined several oils to create the perfect solution against oily skin. I chose Teatree oil to control the acne outbreaks and added Lavender to calm down the infections. This worked and it confirmed that the solution for a healthy and beautiful skin was to be found in nature.

Years later, when acne was no longer a problem for me personally, I extended my knowledge in natural healing traditions worldwide and discovered that I needed to combine several oils from different traditions, to create the ultimate daily skincare. The nine ingredients we use, have been traditionally cherished and considered saintly for centuries. They fit perfectly in our philosophy: “A healthy skin is a beautiful skin.”

Initially, I produced this serum from my home, but soon I realized that the demand for the product was growing bigger than the space in my kitchen could handle. I then found a laboratory in Finland in which I started producing the serum by the same high, natural standards and thus, 9 Skincare was born.

Love, Juha-Matti Manninen


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