Transition period

Important to know when you started using 9 Skincare Essential Serum.

We live and work in an environment where the humidity is very low and the air is dry. To increase the moisture balance in your skin, many skin products use ingredients to “borrow” water from the deeper layers of the skin. That looks healthy, but eventually weakens the condition of your skin. The moment you stop using these care products, your skin often feels even drier.

9 Skincare Essential Serum prevents transepidermal water loss and does not borrow moisture from the deeper layers of the skin, but nourishes and locks in moisture. Because the ‘borrowing’ no longer takes place, your skin has to get used to it for a few days when you switch to 9 Skincare Essential Serum. Your skin may therefore feel a bit dry for the first few days. When skin is renewed, it feels fuller and more radiant than before, because your skin is fully hydrated in all layers.

If you want to speed up the transition period, use a mild peeling during these first days.

Essential Serum made from 100% essential oils.
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